Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do provide training for individuals.
You can book for individual or group training through the book form on the website.
We do not have the course/training schedule online due to the matter that some courses can be complied into one training session to avoid repetition. For instance: Record Keeping and Documentation can be delivered as one session as they relate to each other.
If the training was booked for a group please contact us via email or telephone with the following details: Company name, Course title and number of people who are going to be attending. As for individual bookings, please contact us via email or telephone so we can inform the venue of the changes. Also please refer to the payment policy.
We do not provide online training as majority of the course that we provide are conducted theoretically and practically.
We only deliver the training in English.
For group (company) trainings, the company is expected to provide a suitable venue either on site (work place) or somewhere else. For individual trainings, we provide the venue.
Yes, there is parking at the venue for individual trainings.
You are required to bring the following: pen and note pad. We do not provide food therefore you are welcome to bring your own.
For individual training, it depends on how many people have booked (minimum 8, maximum 12). The same applies for group bookings, depending on how many people the company has booked for.
Sessions start at 09.00hrs. As for the duration it varies on which course you have booked for. Please refer to the price list. Note: Half day is 2-3.5 hrs and Full day is 5-6hrs
Yes, for every course attended you will receive a certificate with the list of the content covered during the session.
Please refer to Payment policy.
We offer training for individuals and groups, however if you book within a group we charge you as a group, therefore the payment fee is lower.
You will not be required to provide a training venue as you might not all be from the same company.
Date for training to be agreed upon once request for booking has been received.